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2022 Barn Rules

  1. No one is permitted in the barn with the horses without a waiver. 

  2. Never enter an arena or barn while an instructor is not present. 

  3. No running, rough housing, or loud noises around the horses. I reserve the right to deny anyone on the property if this is an issue. 

  4. Please keep all toys and other distracting objects at home. 

  5. Please do not feed horses treats unless you ask. Also do not bring
    treats often. 

  6. Only enter the barn with boots or closed toed shoes. No one will be
    permitted around the horses with sandals or open toed shoes. 

  7. If you use our equipment please put it back where you found it. 

  8. Respect the horses space. Do not approach the horses unless invited. Also listen to all instruction on what is allowed around them and
    what is not. When in doubt ask. 

  9. Everyone must wear an ATSM certified equestrian helmet while riding or working with horses. 

  10. If you have just arrived and are early, please wait until your lesson time or I come out of the barn. Do not open the barn door.  

  11. Well behaved dogs are okay to be on property if you clear this with Zaide. They must be leashed and outside of the arenas and barn at all times. It is your responsibility to make sure they will not get off leash. Not all horses are friendly with dogs. 

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