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Here at Silver Bay Stables our mission is to provide kids with the unique opportunity to learn to care, tack up and ride horses independently. We are currently only offering long term lesson options. This means we unfortunately are not offering any options for one off lessons. 

Lessons Programs 

We offer 2 Different Types of lesson programs. Our In-Depth Riding program and our Summer/Winter Programs. Sign Ups for our Summer program will be in March 14th for new students, so make sure to reach out or book a meet and greet to get a spot as they are limited. 

In-Depth Lesson Program (waitlist)

This program is our program for kids who want to ride weekly. This program goes in depth into riding, tacking up, horse chores and learning everything there is to know about horses. This program currently has a waitlist. 

Summer Riding Program

Ages 8-18

This program runs from the end of April till school starts again in early August. This program includes riding, horse chores, tacking up and more throughout the summer. Sign ups start March 14th for new students.

Winter Riding Program 

Ages 8-18

The winter riding program focuses less on riding and more on horse care, proper tacking up and all around horses. To join the winter riding program you must complete a summer of the summer riding program. This program runs from November-February. 

Youth Summer lunge Line Lessons (New)

Ages 6-7

These are lessons for kids that are not old enough to start lessons. These lessons only include riding. Kids will do their entire lesson on a lunge or lead rope. We will practice balance, trotting, posting and how to steer, stop and start the horse. This program runs May- beginning of August.

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This Document includes our lesson program offerings.

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